What do you want to remember from this?⁠

What do you want to remember from this?⁠

Will COVID-19 become a turning point in history or another blurred memory? On March 11, 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the world forcing everyone into lock down. As of this post, a third of the global population is on lock down while other countries are beginning to lift restrictions and “open back up”. It makes sense that most of us are certainly eager and desperate to get out of our homes, visit with friends and family, return to work or simply be outdoors to feel the sun. There has been a lot of emphasis on what good can come from this crisis (more on that later), but what is your version?⁠

Each of us will have our stories to tell from this chaotic and unprecedented event that continues to unfold.⁠

This is not over yet.⁠

Fast-forward to the last chapter of your life and look back at this crisis. How would you remember what it felt to be physically and socially distant? To lose your freedom to wander outdoors and hug and kiss others with no hesitation? To miss important birthdays, holidays, proms, graduations, and other events? To watch or hear the newscast describe, in awe and despair, how the Coronavirus was spreading and how our safety was compromised? How the elder, the healthy and even the young were vulnerable and did not survive? I don’t want to forget. Do you?

What do you want to remember in the future as the world begins to “open up” and search for what normal used to be? Make your own list at home to keep. Stay safe!⁠

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