I am glad you are here. 🙏🏼This is an intro page that is currently under construction to intentionally point out a couple of thoughts and posts that are fitting as you explore my website and learn more about me and my work.

First of all, do not believe everything I write and say. I am a student and a work in progress. You can count on details, as I tend to research a lot.

“The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself.” In many ways this affirmation sums up my motivation to learn and grow and my desire to help others along the way.

Sooner or later, we all ask ourselves: why am I in this world and what am I suppose to do?

If that question never popped up before, I bet the most recent pandemic confronted you with a stark reminder that life is fragile, finite, and that we must embrace tightly the people we love.

I find it hard to stop writing. I say this humbly. Its not a badge of honor. Writing for me is thinking, learning, and understanding. My mind is often racing with ideas, questions, and thoughts that push me to think, rethink, research and then back to writing, sketching, list-making, note-taking, revising, editing, rewriting, etc. Its a continuous loop that I have to shutdown to relax.

Questions are like cracks in the wall that lead to more glimpses of light and discovery. As a curious person, asking and answering questions serve me as guideposts, anchors, and wells of wisdom and knowledge.

Most issues that separate people are not simply

Life is not black or white. It happens in the grey. Diversity is beautiful. The sooner we realize and embrace it, the better we will get along with others and ourselves.

Switching the chip in your mind from an either/or paradigm to a both/and, will create positive change as you move from exclusion to embrace.

Speaking less and listening more is a hack for life.

Let’s get to those posts 🤗

1. A social media manifesto for the introvert.

2. Why write and share publicly?

3. Is blogging dead or still a thing in 2023? (why i blog and about blog).

4. Don’t share your plans with possible haters

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my journey; what I’m learning and the tools I’ve gathered along the way.