We are Always on the Spotlight

We are Always on the Spotlight

Whether we want it or not, we are always on the spotlight. This is especially true for parents and leaders of any kind. Our behaviors have a positive or negative influence on the lives of others.

Children are like little sponges that absorb most of what happens around them. They start imitating behaviors before they can even utter a word. As they grow up into adults, children and adolescents lack the proper judgment to distinguish between right or wrong.

Children See, Children Do.  The following video reminds us that irresponsible behaviors produce irresponsible behaviors, specially, in the lives of children.

Parents are guides. They are the example of what is right or wrong, what is positive or negative. They are the leaders to follow.

Perhaps you are not a parent, but the same truth applies: you are always on the spotlight. This is true at all times, whether you are at school, the gym, the park, a meeting, or the workplace.

In most scenarios we have the power to choose between positive or negative. The opinions we have about others can be positive or negative. The same applies to our behavior in traffic, the ways we treat the environment, and how we spend our leisure time. The choices are never easy, but they rely on us.

Being on the spotlight is an opportunity to be real and make our influence positive.

Sit back and reflect. Are you a positive leader at home, with your family, your team, or your organization? Be real and completely honest with yourself. There is always room for all of us to learn and keep growing.

Children See, Children Do.


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