Rethinking Life in Recession Times

Rethinking Life in Recession Times

The current economic crisis continues to push millions of Americans (and non-Americans) to rethink different aspects of life. They are exploring the state and quality of, their: relationships, careers, goals, dreams, finances, spirituality, etc. They are asking questions that have not surfaced before or they have ignored in the past.

Are you one of these millions of people? Perhaps you are asking yourself some of the questions below:

  • Am I pursuing my passion?
  • What is #1 for me? Is it family, work, career, spirituality, play, party, or myself?
  • Do I have a healthy balance in my life?
  • Am I happy with my career?
  • Am I really spending adequate time with my family, spouse, and children?
  • If I get fired or downsized from my company, what would I do next?
  • Do I have enough resources in my rainy-day fund? Or, do I have one?
  • Fill in the blank: ______________?

It has been said, that tough times, can either make you or break you. They occur when you least expect them to or when you are least prepared. It is your decision whether to transform this tough time into a positive or negative learning experience. Tough times present opportunities which reveal the true character of people and society. What is this crisis revealing about you?

Take some time to ponder the questions that may be coming to you now. How are you reacting to them? Are you engaging them? Are you sharing some of these questions with trusted people to help you process them? As I have mentioned before, we were not created to live life on our own. Life is complex and it’s important to have the right support system to succeed. As you prepare for the next year and reflect on your life, ask yourself:

  • What is most important for me?
  • Am I living on a budget or spending as I feel?
  • What new change or improvement in my life will fill me with most joy?
  • What do I want to accomplish this coming year?

As a personal leadership and career coach, I want to encourage you to take action and ownership of your life. Discover what is more important to you and those around you. Commit to living the life you want!


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