Reflecting on Thanks-&-Giving

Reflecting on Thanks-&-Giving

As I reflected on the many reasons to be thankful this week (many indeed :), I wanted to share a little of what’s on my heart and mind. I am deeply grateful for the life, friends, and family God has blessed me with these 31 years.

It is a gift to be alive- for that alone I give God all praise and thanks. We should be grateful for whatever exceeds being alive: the extra bonuses, the extra blessings. We should also be thankful for all those things we really don’t need. Let’s be thankful for the air we breathe, for Creation, and for everything that surrounds us, for the nature and beauty our senses are privileged to enjoy and partake.

Thanksgiving, like every other major holiday in our calendars, is a time for shopping and cooking. That’s okay, but should not rob us from the main focal point—thanksgiving! I do love sitting around great food (a good mix of Puertorican and American home cooked meals) and feasting with the people I love.

Thanksgiving always leaves plenty of leftovers! These often become the jokes (and munchies) of the week to come: the turkey omelet, turkey muffin, and turkey ice-cream. Yet, year after year, we continue to cook more than we can consume. Unfortunately, very few people around the world can eat like most of us, “facebookers” can.

Thanksgiving is a day which also encourages us to practice hospitality and giving. That is why it is thanks-giving. First we give thanks, and then we give. We often switch the order, “give thanks,” and simply leave it at that. We forget the most essential part: “to give!”

This thanksgiving, not only remember to give thanks, but “to give” however you can; to your friends, community, or the many people who cannot enjoy a warm meal.

Happy and blessed thanksgiving!

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