Post-election day

Post-election day

“Politics touches everything, but politics is not everything — not by a long shot.” Miroslav Volf
Hate or white supremacy may have won in the US, but this is not the end. Yes, it’s a heavy dose of reality to take in and process. The future is uncertain as it always has been. Therefore, let us continue to resist all types of hate and repression. Lets love each other regardless of who is sitting at the Oval Office or Fortaleza. Lets hug each other and truly believe that government cannot restrict us from loving each other regardless of gender, age, race, religion, and political preferences. Lets find common ground and resist judging one another. Avoid bitterness and anger to take the best of you. Voters have spoken in PR and USA, and while we may call them ignorant, they have taken action. They are a majority. Lets seek to understand them and try to find empathy albeit how difficult it may seem. Lets not forget that love [always] trumps hate.

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