One task at a time tool! (Nowdothis)

One task at a time tool! (Nowdothis)

Brilliant idea!

Do you need to focus on ONE TASK at a time? Let your web browser tell you what to do and when!

I have found this tool really helpful in keeping me focused on one task at a time rather than falling in the endless trap of multitasking that does not work for me. It helps me stay on point if I wander off to surf the web.

Definitely a simple and great productivity tool!  If you are using Firefox add the webpage to your sidebar so you can always see it.

  1. Bookmark NowDoThis.
  2. Choose “Organize Bookmarks” from the “Bookmarks” menu.
  3. Select the NowDoThis bookmark.
  4. Click “More”.
  5. Select “Load this bookmark in sidebar.”
  6. Restart browser – close all the windows and start again.

Check the blog with more tips on usage: Nowdothis BLOG.


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