Keep Your Eyes on the Ball and Score

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball and Score

keep_your_eyes_on_the_ballSports, in general, are all about keeping your eyes on the ball in order to score and win. The goal is accumulating points to out beat the competition, until the time runs out or the game is over. The one with the best score wins.

Winning is ultimately based on how well you played the game.

Scoring has every thing to do with impacting the ball in the right place and at the right time. This kind of focus is non-negotiable in sports. Any kind of contact with the ball-batting, throwing, catching, kicking, shooting, volleying, or pushing-is critical to scoring. If you lose sight of the ball, you lose the chance to score a touchdown, make a goal, hit a home run, or spike a volleyball.

The practice of keeping your eyes on the ball requires focus, discipline, drive, and accountability.

Now think of the ball as…
» Your next big promotion.
» The time you spend with your children.
» The business you want to begin.
» Your relationship with your spouse.
» Your health and wellness.
» The habit(s) you want to change.
» Your spiritual growth and enrichment.
» The academic degree you want to complete.
» Your financial solvency for…
» Fill in the blank ____________________.

So, if the ball is your goal, how can you keep your eyes on it and score?

The first step I recommend my clients when it comes to goal-achieving is: evaluate what you really want and write it down. Make a habit of reminding yourself (develop a healthy obsession) of what your goal is. Maybe you want to post this goal on the fridge, the cover of your daily planner, or the car dashboard.

Perhaps you need an accountability partner to help you keep your eyes on the ball. If so, go and find one. Don’t wait any longer if you need support. You want to score, don’t you?

My father taught me to golf at an early age. He constantly reminded me to keep my eyes on the ball. The truth is, every new golfer wants to hit the ball as hard and as far as possible. Rather than completing a full swing, we put our focus on strength and destination. We get so eager to see how far we can strike the ball that we lose sight of the little ball sitting on the grass in front of us. As a result, we either strike out or miss hit and the ball goes in any other direction than the one we originally intended.

Keeping your eyes on the ball is not an option. It is critical to scoring well and winning, in golf and in life.

Golf is a game of high concentration and low tolerance for distractions. Strong winds pose a challenge. Random sounds may interrupt. Fellow golfers know to keep quiet when others are ready to swing.

Golfers look for that perfect moment (no distractions, no excuses) where they can keep their eyes on the ball and swing.

How does that perfect moment look for you? What do you need to keep your eyes on the ball?


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