VOTE VOTE VOTE….don’t be lazy and think ONE VOTE doesn’t matter!  I have asked dozens of people and I’m truly shocked (and quite upset) to hear some say: “No, I am not voting” or “my vote will not help.”

Excuses galores with the most popular being, “I am not surprised by any of the two candidates…”  REALLY, you are not surprised?  -I am surprised by both presidential candidates everyday, both positively and negatively. And their VP’s as well.

So far, this is the most important election in my lifetime. Probably yours too.

Don’t come up with excuses and abstain from voting on November 4.  This is both a privilege and responsibility.

If you are sick, ask a friend to drive you.
If you have work, take the day off.
If you don’t have a car, call a taxi.
If is rainy, wear a raincoat.
If you don’t know where to vote,
call your district office or check online before Tuesday.

Don’t let anything stop you!


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