First weekend!

First weekend!


Ciao ragazzi!


On Friday, I met some friends from school at a place called Kitsch (German name for an Italian place…). Anyway this lounge/restaurant is pretty cool. Located near Piazza Beccaria, you buy one drink for 7 Euro and get to eat everything you want from an amazing buffet of cold cuts (prosciutto, bologina, salame, etc.), rissoto, fungi, peppers, chicken, vegetables, bread, etc.  My friends talked about Salsa and I was like, what??  You are telling me we are going salsa dancing tonight?!  Andiamo!! Needless to say, I rocked the dance floor! We nearly closed the place…yep pretty late!  The DJ had been to Puerto Rico and new the music well….and therefore played plenty songs to: Giorgio da Porto Rico…haha! 


Saturday, a group of us met at the train station (9am) to go to a beach in Rosignano (Ligurian Sea). We, Caribbeans brag about our beautiful white sandy beaches (and we should), but let me tell you, this place is magical!  Rosignano is a remote destination (pretty chill and rustic) south of Livorno on the West side of Italy. It’s about a 2 hour train ride from Firenze. We picnicked and chilled for about 6 hrs. We returned for a quick dinner and shower to the Concerto dei Filarmonici di Firenze – (Direttore Stefano Burbi) e musiche di Mozart, Schubert, Andreoni, Burbi, and Rossino – held at to Piazza Santo Spirito. Yes, open air!


To close On Sunday, another friend from school (Lehte from Estonia) drove Rene and I to Rimini. Rimini is a beautiful quaint and tranquil city on the East side and about a 1 ½ hr drive from Firenze via Bolognia. I really liked this town, with colorful buildings, wide open windows, balconies, and few tourists. In the Summer, Rimini and nearby beaches are flooded with tourists wanting to experience its beauty and well reputed nightlife. O our way back, we stopped in Bellaria for a late lunch (5pm) and a quick swim in the Adriatic Sea!


Ci vediamo pronto!

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