Entreprendre=to undertake!

Entreprendre=to undertake!

I cannot think of a better way to start blogging on entrepreneurship than provide a concise and poignant definition on entrepreneurship.

In 2003, after almost fifteen years of business and entrepreneurial activity, I took 3 years off to embark on a spiritual journey.  After completing a Masters in Theology and Culture, I struggled to reengage into the entrepreneurial-zone. I was living on a difference country, had new friends, new contacts, and a new mindset (a different work ethic, purpose, and vision).

During this time I collected dozens of notebooks with thoughts and ideas, but the confidence of launching a new venture was not quite there. I attended conferences, seminars, hired a coach, received assistance from mentors, and applied to MBA programs. I thought an MBA will get me back in the zone. One class was enough to confirm I have what it takes- the class simply reinstated and reminded me of what I already know. Passion takes you a lot further than education.

One of the many brochures I received was from Babson’s University in Boston. Many of you may know Babson’s strength is entrepreneurship. The brochure included the following definition. Entrepreneurship is, “A way of thinking and acting that is opportunity obsessed, holistic in approach, and leadership balanced: from the French entreprendre-to undertake.” This sums up entrepreneurship as an activity that is:

1. Intellectual, innovative, and contemplative
2. Action-oriented and hands-on
3. Visionary, intense, and missionally-focused
4. At its best when opportunities are wisely discerned
5. Holistic, integrating personal and corporate resources to create value

Thinking and acting entrepreneurially is a thrill and a way of being. Entrepreneurs live a life of fulfillment and joy while making the world a better place. We cannot succeed if we live within our minds and ideas. We need a community of friends, family, and colleagues that keep us motivated, provide energy and encouragement, and continually remind us of our talents.

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