Do you have a stop-doing-list?

Do you have a stop-doing-list?

Look at your to-do list. How many items do you find that have been there for months. Do they really need to get done? What if you deleted them?


The first rule of getting something done is identifying and knowing what does not need to get done.

List those tasks where you get “caught up” everyday. Create a new list and call it: “Stop Doing List.” This list will serve as a reminder of the activities that distract you from the most important things you should be doing. Life is too precious and work too important to let your time be consumed in less important stuff.

Your list may include habits that no longer work for you or activities that consume your time each day. Some of the items I have on my list are:

  1. Stop checking emails all day long. Check them only twice a day, at 10am and 4pm.
  2. Stop multi-tasking. Do one thing at a time. Be present.
  3. Stop taking breaks between tasks. That includes picking up the phone. Start a task and complete it.
  4. Stop writing long and often unrealistic “things to do” each day. Focus on three major, must-get-done tasks!
  5. Stop wandering on the www reading so many blogs, news, and articles.
  6. Stop checking Facebook several times a day. Check it one and limit my time to 20 min a day.

Sticking to your “Stop-doing-list” will not easy and requires constant practice and discipline. The reward is more time to do what needs to be done and more time to do what we love to do the most.

What items should you quit doing?  Join the conversation by commenting below.


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