Charles Bukowski on Writing + The Power of Vulnerability In Leadership & AI Dream Interpreter

Charles Bukowski on Writing + The Power of Vulnerability In Leadership & AI Dream Interpreter

“Yes, I know what you mean about writing and writers. We seem to have lost the target. Writers seem to write to be known as writers. They don’t write because something is driving them toward the edge. I look back at when Pound, T. S. Eliot, e. e. Cummings, Jeffers, Auden, Spender were about. Their work cracked right through the paper, set it on fire. Poems became events, explosions. There was a high excitement. Now, for decades there has seemed to be this lull, almost a practiced lull, as if dullness indicated genius. And if a new talent came along it was only a flash, a few poems, a thin book and then he or she was sanded down, ingested into the quiet nothingness. Talent without durability is a god damned crime. It means they went to the soft trap, it means they believed the praise, it means they settled short. A writer is not a writer because he has written some books. A writer is not a writer because he teaches literature. A writer is only a writer if he can write now, tonight, this minute. We have too many -writers who type. Books fall from my hand to the floor. They are total crap. I think we have just blown away
half a century to the stinking winds. Yes,” –Charles Bukowski, On Writing

  • Quit procrastinating. “Most of what we think we’re doing when we’re asking for help, when we’re going to seminars, when we’re watching YouTube videos…we’re just procrastinating. We’re not really serious. When you’re serious, you just do it.” – Naval Ravikant​
  • The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership” by Brené Brown. With 60M plus views, this TED video exploded the career of the brilliant Dr. Brown. In this video, Brown argues that vulnerability is a key component of effective leadership, and shares her research on the topic.
  • Most beautiful libraries around the world.
  • AI interprets dreams. Developed with the help of behavioral and clinical experts (per their website). Just for fun, if you are lucky to remember your dreams or hire their dream recall
  • What do the fears of wolves tells us about ourselves.
  • Productivity: Nesto Timer. Nesto is a Pomodoro timer for desktop and mobile devices. This app enables you to deeply focus on your tasks, be it creating, studying or working. Uninterrupted music allows you to get in the “state of flow” even in a noisy environment.

Enlaces en Español

  • Tres razones para nunca utilizar el castigo físicode acuerdo con la ciencia“Si bien el castigo físico es muy común en el país, más de 50 años de estudios científicos desde la neurociencia, la psicología del desarrollo, la economía, la sociología y otras disciplinas, sugieren tres razones por las cuales el castigo físico, incluso las palmadas, nunca debería utilizarse como método de disciplina.”
  • Luis García Montero (director del Instituto Cervantes) en cuanto a la importancia económica del español: el español debe “ganar posicionamiento geopolítico en la UE. La relevancia del español es innegable. Cuenta con más de 500 millones de hispanohablantes nativos y otros 100 millones de personas lo han aprendido con dominio idiomático.


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