Bruce Lee, the Philosopher?

Bruce Lee, the Philosopher?

bruce_lee2I have always been an admirer of martial arts. As a kid, I wanted to grow up and become a ninja.  I am thrilled by the techniques, syncopated movements, quick reflexes, and unreal forms and combinations found in the martial arts.

Surfing the web, I found an interesting video from Bruce Lee.  But this time, Lee is not fighting or making his trademark face, he is speaking and sounding more like a philosopher. I found it amusing, interesting and a bit outthere. Yet, it did spark a curiosity to learn more about this cultural icon. If you want to read more about Bruce Lee, check out his page on Wikipedia.

This is the video:

Truth is that water must flow in order to be clean. This concept of “flow” makes the metaphor work for me. Water that does not flow becomes stale and contaminated. Flow is critical for the purity of water.  I wonder how much of our sicknesses, depressions, anxieties, etc., may result from lack of flow.

A significant fraction of the human body is water.

Water has hundreds of uses for the sustainability of life and humanity.
Water contains oxygen, etc.

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