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Born and raised in what has been considered by the press to be the happiest place on earth: San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have been pursuing all things creative and artistic, and building businesses and projects since 1990.

As a storyteller that believes humans are filled with potential, I am all for growth and change to go further and achieve our greatness. The world needs more curious people that have a passion for living and for doing good, a love for cultivating kindness and happiness, and a commitment to celebrate freedom and diversity with gratitude.

Started my first business when I was 9 years old, yes, the classic lemonade stand, followed by shoe polishing door-to-door service, DJ business (almost for 10 years), selling fantasy jewelry. When I turned 12, I picked up the newspaper route in my neighborhood on a bike. I quickly bought a tricycle and ended buying a gold cart for delivery in less than 18 months.

Ever since these early days, I have a passion for building businesses. Its been 30+ years, 25 companies and projects, and a tons of fails and wins. I’ve switched quote a bit from music, sound/lights, producer and events, creative marketing, advertising, publishing, art gallery, hospitality, real estate, all things web and technology. I have sat on non-profit boards serving education, social justice, and work with minorities and at-risk populations.

Primarily an experiential self-taught learner, hands on doer, and maker, I have gained a bit of wisdom from a multitude of lessons and experiences working in a diverse industries and with all sorts of people. As a curious person committed to personal growth and helping others thrive, these experiences are essential to my tool kit as writer, speaker, coach, and consultant.

Most of my current work centers on developing and creating content to help: 1) leaders live well, lead effectively, and work smart, 2) entrepreneurs bridge a healthy work/life balance, improve their leadership skills, become better storytellers, sell and pitch with intent and results, resolve conflicts with others and within their tribe, and solve critical problems; 3) mid-life adults pondering on existential questions, meaning, legacy, and understanding their purpose in mid-life, and; 4) parents (especially dads) who want to learn to grow and hone their skills to give their children their best while cheering their children to thrive in this day and age. I am driven to inspire people to find their purpose, think deeply, make changes, and chase their vision with courage and live life with intention.

My peers and colleagues know me as a professional who can show up anytime and help by producing ideas, providing multiple solutions, getting things done, resulting conflicts, and delivering results. I love providing value that amplifies your idea, your business, your life, and your contribution to bring more good into the world.

I’ve been blessed to live a life filled with passion and intensity. As a full-time dad of two, I get to switch hats daily as writer, content creator, coach, artist, handyman, manager, gallerist, editor, publisher, reader, researcher, home-chef, and senior packager. I get to manage a private portfolio, real estate, a guesthouse, an art gallery, and a book publisher, along with my wife. In a previous version, I was also a DJ, producer, video editor, graphic designer, web developer, salsa dancer, CEO, CCO, project manager, percussionist, bassist, youth pastor, seminary graduate, computer technician, construction contractor, and creative director.

In closing, I am always game for a good challenge like figuring stuff out without the need for instructions, learning by doing, and experimenting. I tend to laser focus on new things I want to learn and have self-taught myself plenty of interesting things from playing music, to coding, to making art, and construction. I am a fan of process and trial and error. I like to work with my hands and create tangible objects that bring beauty to the world.

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Book publisher: www.edicionesdelflamboyan.com
Art gallery: www.mataderoart.com
Guesthouse and art residence: www.casadeartistas.org
Grupo Rojo, LLC., Real Estate Holdings, Property Management, Contractor Services and Home/Office Renovations, Hospitality.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman