Back on the Blog horse!

Back on the Blog horse!

I started blogging 10 years ago, stopped in October 2009 and I’m back this Summer 2016. Writing is part of my daily life, it helps me see clearer and be more creative

Why did I stop and suddenly decided to get back to blogging?  First, because I truly love it. In fact, I’ve never stopped writing. I don’t remember when I started, but it must have been in my early teens. As most writers, insecurity and fear of criticism made me keep texts to myself. As I am reaching, the 40-year old mark, I am propelled to share what’s on my mind and heart as well as ideas and positive and negative experiences that have shaped who I am today. We are constantly evolving, so there are things I havewritten  in the past that I wouldn’t write today, but it was important to me in the moment is was written. I started this blog in 2006 to promote a coaching and consulting firm I had during that time called Leadership Fuel. It was a great tool and helped me gain new clients and followers. Shortly after taking on a new massive project, I temporarily closed the practice and stopped publishing on the blog. But, continued to write.

I am looking forward to this new season of sharing my thoughts and what I am writing.

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