About the blog

Welcome! What you read, watch or listen on http://www.jorgefusaro.com is not [just] for myself.

Let me explain. And also share with you why I do write and produce content.

While writing is therapeutic action that is pivotal to how I learn and process information, I write with the reader in mind. Yes, that’s my goal: communicate ideas, concepts, and stories that teach, inspire, and coach others to think, grow, change or thrive at work, in relationships, at parenting, and in life, all-around.

As I grow older, I am more interested in communication and pushing content than I care for perfection or in writing the ultimate winning piece. There is truth in asserting that many texts are never finished, and can continue to take on layers and more letters, but completing and shipping works is paramount to every writer and author. All that I write for myself is kept in a diary and often turned into articles and blog posts.

I don’t have neatly packed answers and solutions to life. I don’t think anyone does. Yet, I like to ponder on meaning and raise questions to push myself and others. Part of my process and commitment is to share what I am learn from both my wins and fails. My goal is to dare you to think differently, question your motives and your behaviors, and ponder on your legacy.

I started blogging in 2004 when it was a thing and stopped in October 2009 for no particular reason. I write daily, but have published less than I wanted to at this point. That is changing as I am actively working on multiple projects that will get printed on paper and/or displayed on screens anywhere there is an Internet connection available. On 2022, I started a substack newsletter, Shift, and quickly discovered it is similar to the days of blogging in the early 2000s. In August 2023, after 50+ posts on Substack, I decided to migrate back to WordPress, plenty of technical and practical reasons which I may share in another post sometime.

I don’t remember when I started writing, but it must have been in my early teens. Everyday, before going to sleep “I had to write” to empty my head of ideas and make a list of what to do next day. Don’t know where I got this from, none of my parents do this. I kept my journal, making all types of lists, writing stories,  occasional poems, and lots of non-fiction. As most writers, the fear of criticism made me keep texts to myself. As I am reaching, my mid forties (midlife crisis, anyone, hehe), I feel extremely liberated to share what I write. In addition to what is on my mind and heart along with the ideas and experiences that have shaped my behavior and my thinking. We are constantly evolving, so there are things I have written in the past that I wouldn’t write today, but it was important to me in the moment is was written. When I started blogging in 2004, I was also promoting my coaching and consulting firm: Leadership Fuel. It was a great tool and helped me gain new clients and followers.

What do I write about? Pretty much anything that I find meaningful in my journey. I am a firm believer that we were not created to do life on our own and navigating the ups and downs of life requires a community that breathes encouragement and positivity.  Writing, reading, reflecting, meditating, and educating myself helps me grow and push myself daily. I’m forever in debt to the great mentors, speakers and writers who inspire me to be a better man, better leader, better creative, and better person. Sharing my own journey has benefited my personal development.

On occasion I also like to share anecdotes from my life, how-to posts, travel adventures, business ventures, poetry, reviews, and things I simply find interesting. There is no niche and no central theme, I have zero constraints.

What is my goal through writing? First, my goal like most writers is to be read, and be part of a community of voices that shares ideas and receives feedback. In the short years I blogged, I managed to write over 250 posts and received tons of notes and emails from friends and unknown people thanking me because the content resonated with them in one way or another. Secondly, I write as an exercise to bring out into the page all of what is inside of me. I feel the urge to write daily, so I must. Hopefully you dig what I have to say.

Back in 2004, I had this fragment in my blog that I want to include (omg, I am quoting myself) and keep for posterity:

“I created this website (aka blog) as part of my personal mission to inspire and empower people to significant and sustainable success in life and at work. After years of asking myself: How can I make the world a better place? How can I serve people to live better lives? I felt I had something to say and share with others. Writing is a way to fulfill my mission.

There are many reasons why I blog. First, blogging allows me to process what I am thinking and learning while collecting my thoughts on a central location. Second, blogging allows me to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. Third, blogging is a platform to share and discuss ideas with anyone online. Fourth, blogging keeps me motivated to the practice of writing, creating, and empowering others on their journeys. I am convinced we were not created to do life alone. We need co-pilots to navigate the ups and downs and help us along the way. Lastly, blogging helps me continue to nurture my creativity and develop myself. And yes, it’s a lot of fun!”

Disclaimer: there is nothing new under the sun. All has been said and written. We simply keep remixing and adding our subjectivity and distinct voice. My views are my own filtered through my own stories and my experiences. I don’t expect readers to agree with me and that is okay. For many years, I was prisoner of “what would others say?”, “what if others don’t like what I write”, or “I am not good enough.” No artists and no creative was good at the beginning. None. It is a learning process that improves over time. Additional disclaimer to my my grammar/compositions nerd friends and readers: this is a blog, quickly edited by me and proudly raw & uncut 😉

Welcome, happy you are reading me.