A Worker’s Prayer

A Worker’s Prayer

Powerful prayer for any worker (professional, student, laborer…etc.) Make it work for you!

Dear Lord,

As I pray to you now my mind is full of my work.  Its pleasures and pains, its stresses and rewards are burned into my brain.  Quiet my soul for these few moments and hear my prayer as one of your workers in the world:

My work is hard, Lord, I need your counsel and comfort:
when things fall apart,
when I’m confronted with evil,
when my co-workers’ needs are too great,
when I’m tired to the insides of my brain,
when work is not appreciated.

My work is necessary, Lord.  I need your gifts and Spirit:
when things are developing well,
when I’m making positive changes,
when society is made better because of what I do,
when I’m working efficiently and effectively,
when I’m honored as a valuable worker:

Every day of my work:
I want to remember that you are my God,
I need to know that you’re there with me,
I count on your blessings for my successes,
I want to thank you for the chance to work in this place,
I need courage and conviction to see myself as your worker.
For your gifts and your grace that come to me as a worker,

I praise your name and thank you for being my God.  Amen.

Copyright© 1995 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  All rights reserved.

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